Open source Quakerism

I’ve been thinking about what, if any, kind of communal religious practice might be possible and credible and viable for me.

And at the moment I’m thinking some sort of “open source” Quakerism might be the answer.

Organised Quakerism, which I have tried, does not interest me. It has its own bureaucratic trappings and overall I find it all irritatingly worthy, middle class and do-goody.

My suspicion is that Quakerism gave up on God years ago and replaced him with ‘social  justice’. Yawn.

Quakerism don’t have the monopoly on silence in worship but the original idea of sitting together prayerfully in silence (and some Quaker meetings I’ve attended are sadly not so silent thanks to the troubled, garrulous, or attention seeking types who have latched onto them) is all too rare. While most Protestant denominations have split off into many flavours, there have been few attempts to do anything new with Quakerism.

So I’m going to suggest open sourcing and forking some aspects of Quaker worship and practice.

I’m looking for non-hierarchical, decentralised models of religious community. Quakerism, light on doctrine, liturgy and Scripture offers an indigenous Western form of a spirituality that could pass for a type of ‘Christian Buddhism’