An interim position statement on Christianity

Christianity is no longer a viable, believable system for Western man (and I do mean Western, and I do mean man). It has been under attack both ideologically and scientifically for over 200 years. As a result, the Christian church and culture have greatly declined and any benefits they once conferred on society – cultural norms, family and social cohesion – have been greatly eroded. Furthermore, the Christian church has in most Western countries been infiltrated by the very enlightenment and Marxist ideas that have opposed it. As a result, it has been doing a very good job at destroying itself (and its traditional constituencies) from the inside. I was brought up in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and I can safely say that to all intents and purposes the church I was born into no longer exists.

Decadent and degenerate Christian churches and their leaders should be shunned and anathematised.

Because Christianity no longer offers a frankly credible metaphysical or moral system there is absolutely no point in trying to reverse its inevitable extinction. Even more futile would be to try and resurrect a more Conservative, wholesome version of it. This would be as spiritually and intellectually dishonest as trying to revive the worship of Odin or Apollo (sorry neo-Pagans). It may be possible to salvage some Christian practices and ceremonies and these may continue to confer some psychological and even spiritual benefits on an individual level. But such practice must be transparently and self-consciously detached from the traditional theological claims of Christian religion.

Christianity remains part of me, culturally, mythologically and historically, but it can no longer be truly believed by me.

I am – and I think there are many like me – someone who lives in the absence of and, dare I say it, in the hope of a new dispensation. This is admittedly a perilous state to be in but anything else is bad faith.

That said, there may be some small, beleaguered pockets of Christendom – in particular the Slavic Orthodox confession – where traditional Christian culture still persists in some degree of fullness.

Where I find such remnants, I vow to do them no harm or to show them no disrespect. I may even give them my implicit support where expedient.

The Western mind in its post-Christian state has become an abomination of desolation and this is a state that I would not wish on anybody. It would be a grave sin to deprive those Christians of their faith, especially in these late days.